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Fibre Glass Epoxy Products / Thermo Plastics:
We offer you a comprehensive range of semi-finished, finished and machined thermoplastic products in a wide selection of shapes and formats. Whether it be sheets, round rods, tubes, films choose from our many, different dimensions and colours.

As well as a variety of formats, our strength lies in excellent material and process proficiency which is reflected in our products. The manufacturing processes include extrusion, pressing and skiving as well as other process stages.

Depending on the manufacturing process, different properties and characteristics of decisive importance for processing and use are achieved.

Product Grades –
We have various grades of products to offer which are in line with the major International Quality Standards like NEMA, MIL, IEC, BS, IS , JSS ASTM, HGW, DIN etc.

Key Grades Offered:

• G10 / EPGC 201 • G11 / EPGC 203
• FR4 / EPGC 202 • EPGC 308 (H Class)
• GPO 1 / UPGM 201 • GPO 3 / UPGM 201
• EP 2 / EPGM 201 • EP 3 / EPGM 203

Product Range:

FRP Sheets


FRP Rods


FRP Blocks


FRP Studs & Nuts


Pultruded Sections


Machined Components


Electric Vehicles & Atuomotives
Lithium Battery Casing
Lithium Battery Seperators





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