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Other Insulating Products

Lamtex Insulation can also provide you a list of various other insulation materials for your specific use, the list of which is furnished below:

  • Rubberized Cork Sheets for Transformer Industry.
  • Sindanyo Sheets for Arc & Heat Resistance.
  • Fiber (Vulcanized) Red & Grey Colour Sheets, Rods & Tubes
  • P. V. C. Sleevings (Electrical Insulation Grade)
  • Silicone Rubber Fibre Glass Sleevings (FRS)
  • Polyimide Film
  • Mylar Film, Milinnex Film
  • Mylar Insulating Papers for 'E/B' Class Insulation Composite Material.
  • Fish Paper
  • Copper/Aluminium Winding Wires
  • ESDB Sheets
  • Electrical Grade Glass Fabric
  • Mica Based Insulating Products like Mica Paper, Fireproof Mica Paper Tapes, Mica Tubes, 
  • Heat Shrinkable Polyester Woven Tapes & a lot more.




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