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Regardless for which kind of application you need a solution, Lamtex Insulation can help you to find the board that suits your needs best. At Lamtex Insulation, you can select from a broad variety of insulation boards. Our pressboards are available in various makes, densities and manufacturing methods - calendered, hot-press-dried, corrugated or laminated structures, all meeting your required standards. 


Cellulose boards & insulation paper are used as base insulating material in power, distribution and special transformers. It is the base material for components like Cylinders, Strips, Spacers, Rings, Washers, Plates, Machine formed and Shaped Parts, Punching and Laminates. Multiple methods like Sawing, Punching, Planing, Sanding, Milling, Routing, Bending and Glueing for Processing the boards to components can be mentioned.

Types of Cellulose Base Boards & Insulation Paper

Calendered Pressboards

Calendered solid pressboards are made on an intermittent board machine using high quality cellulose. The boards are flattened in a hydraulic press, dried, and subsequently calendered to achieve a smooth finish. No bonding agent is added during manufacturing. The boards have wire marks on one side. The entire manufacturing process is monitored and controlled, right from the preparation of pulp to the formation and drying of the sheets. 

Calendered solid pressboards are ideally suited for use in power and distribution transformers as winding Cylinders, Spacers, Strips, etc.

  • High density & purity
  • Uniform thickness & dimensional stability
  • Low compressibility & shrinkage
  • High mechanical & electrical strength

Precompressed Boards

Precompressed boards are produced from 100% pure and unbleached softwood sulphate pulp. The main properties of this material are its high chemical purity and low conductivity. The process involves dehydration, compression, and drying – all performed in a special hot press. Precompressed boards score very high in mechanical and electrical strength and offer dimensional stability, low compressibility, and shrinkage.

Precompressed boards are ideally suited for use in the Cylinders, Plates, Washers, and Supports of Power and Distribution Transformers.

  • High density & purity
  • Uniform thickness & dimensional stability
  • Low compressibility & shrinkage
  • High mechanical & electrical strength

Precompressed Boards (Laminated)

Laminated precompressed boards are processed from solid precompressed boards using special aqueous or non-aqueous adhesives with thickness ranging from 8mm to 50mm. This product is dimensionally stable and, like the solid precompressed version, is known for its high mechanical and electrical strength.

This board is suitable for use in the pressure and Static Rings, Clamping Plates, Strips, etc. of Power and Distribution Transformers.

  • High density & purity
  • Uniform thickness & dimensional stability
  • Low compressibility & shrinkage
  • High mechanical & electrical strength


  • Undyed / Dyed Multiply Presspaper - Grade 'KP.4.1'
  • Undyed / Dyed Multiply Presspaper - Grade 'K2'
  • Multiply Presspaper - Grade '4’
  • Thermally Upgraded Insulating Paper

These are manufactured from quality cellulose fibres to meet the insulation requirements of Motor, Capacitor, and Transformer Manufacturers. They are made without additives in a multi-vat Cylinder Machine and are subsequently calendered to achieve a smooth finish. The manufacturing process results in homogeneous layers with excellent mechanical and electrical strength.

The thermally upgraded paper is also available as diamond-dotted press paper when cured with 'B' stage epoxy resin, which could be dotted on one or both sides for use as inter – layer insulation in Distribution Ttransformers.

Our multiple presspaper solutions are ideal for use in: Transformers, Capacitors, Slot insulation, Motor Slot Lining, Wraps, High Voltage Switchgear Components, and many similar applications.

  • High purity
  • Heat resistance
  • Resistance to ageing
  • Excellent mechanical and electrical strength

Base and Impregnated Filter Media

Lamtex Insulation can provide base filter paper for air, fuel, and lube oil filters that have widespread automotive and industrial applications. To meet the increasing demand of the filter media segment, our principal company, is also engaged in the process of impregnating the paper in a state-of-the-art environment.

The materials are supplied in the form of rolls wound on paper core with maximum widths of 2000 mm or slit to lower widths as desired.

Nomex® Brand Paper

NOMEX® paper manufactured by Du Pont ™ is a tough, flexible material which can be easily cut, punched, folded, printed or glued to other materials.

NOMEX® paper is produced in rolls of a maximum width of 1828 mm (72 inches), and it is commercially offered in any specified width required by users from a minimum of 6 mm (.25 inch).

Four types which can be provided by us are:

Type 410: calendered, it is available in thicknesses from 0.05 to 0.76 mm (2 to 30 mil).

This type provides the best mechanical properties, and it is the most widely used version

Type 411: non-calendered, it is available in thicknesses from 0.13 to 0.58 mm (5 to 23 mil).

This type is often used as soft cushioning material or when conformability and impregnability are of importance.

Type 414: calendered, it is available in thicknesses from 0.09 to 0.38 mm (3.4 to 15mil).

This type provides improved flexibility and conformability vs. Type 410, and more strength than Type 411.

Type 418: calendered, this type contains 50% in weight of inorganic mica, and it is produced in a thickness range between
0.08 and 0.36 mm (3 and 14 mil).

The mica content provides improved corona resistance for electrical applications, as well as enhanced flame resistant behavior (LOI of ~63%).

Crepe Paper

Insulation crepe paper is one of the most important solid insulation materials used in transformers. Its quality directly influences the life span of the transformer.

This crepe paper is used as an insulation in manufacture of oil cooled transformers, current transformers of types IMB, CT, CVT, etc. as leads and shields. This crepe paper has 300% more strength in mechanical and cross mechanical directions and hence is more resistant to breakage. It can also take various shapes of the surface being insulated. Crepe paper also has greater surface area which helps to retain more oil and hence lowers the working temperature of the transformer.

It is also used to cover copper conductors having various cross sectional shapes. This paper is used to cover copper conductors bent at an angle of 180. As a result this insulation will not break or tear or crack compared to plain kraft paper insulation.

We can provide crepe paper in the thicknesses starting from 1.5 mil (40 microns) upto 10 mil (250 microns).  We offer these papers in the form of jumbo rolls of 1000 mm (1 meter) width or in slitted size as per customer request.

We offer Flexible Crepe paper Tubes manufactured utilizing quality crepe paper. Having tolerance of +0.5 mm (I.D.) and +1.0 mm (O.D.), these tubes are extensively used as sleeves for interconnection of terminals. These tubes are also acclaimed for having higher rate of absorption of oil that further ensures higher di-electric strength as compared to conventional SRBP tubes.

Kraft  Paper

The quality Insulation Kraft Papers offered by us are appreciated for features such as good insulation property, high temperature tolerance, non toxic, bio-degradable and easy to use. These are used in various electrical applications such as insulation of Transformers, Wrapping of DPC Wires, Cable Industry and other Electrical items. Further, our Insulating Kraft Papers are slitted paper as per the accepted industrial specifications.

Diamond Dotted Paper (Epoxy Dotted Paper)

It consists of Electrical grade thermally upgraded paper with ‘B’ stage epoxy resin on one side or both sides using special process.


  1. It can be used to electrically insulate and mechanically bond winding layers, laminations, conductors, straps & insulation layers
  2. The diamond squares are 9.5mm X 9.5mm and spaced 6.5mm apart. These squares are arranged with their axes, along and across the machine direction of paper and the diagonal of epoxy diamond coatings lie along a straight line
  3. The ‘B’ stage epoxy resin in dots is applied in such a way that enough space exists in between them for all impregnation
  4. The material is tack free at room temperature and on curing can be used in highly stressed area’s in a transformer.

Through the use of our Diamond Dotted Paper, the winding layers are stuck together and the complete windings become one solid block. The short circuit strength of such windings is increased. The high tensile strength in this material permits its use in the winding.

  1. Our Diamond Dotted Paper can be applied on one or more layers between the parts which should be mechanically connected through heating in the drying oven the thin layer of ‘B’ stage resin melts & cures.
  2. Lamtex Insulation can provide this material in various thicknesses (0.08, 0.125, 0.175 mm) in rolls of 1000/914 mm & 15 mm from 5 mil and above thermally up grade paper is used.
  3. Between 3 mil and 4 mil only Kraft insulating paper used in small widths on request.

Densified/Compreg Wood Laminates

Densified Wood Laminates are made from thin veneers impregnated with synthetic resin adhesives and pressed at high temperature and pressure. It is widely used for specific heavy duty applications in various industries. It is a revolutionary product for applications in the transformer industry. It is a homogenous material manufactured from specified species of timber. It has exceptional mechanical properties coupled with oil absorption characteristics. After vacuum drying and impregnation with Pyrochlor or transformer oil, it acquires dielectric properties of transformer oil with enhanced mechanical properties.

It is an industrial laminate with extensive engineering applications & available in two types:

  • Type 1: This represents laminates where all laminations have grains in the same direction.
  • Type 2: This represents adjacent laminations with grain direction at right angles to each other. Each type is manufactured in three different density ranges denoted with the nomenclature LD (Low Density), MD (Medium Density) & HD (High Density).
  • Lamtex Insulation can provide the material in thickness of 3/8" (9.5mm) to 4" (120mm) in two grades.
  • The material can also be supplied in the form of components as per customer’s drawing or sample.

This material is an industrial laminate, which finds extensive engineering applications in the manufacture of certain insulating components for the transformer industry.

Type 1 material is recommended for use where high tensile and bending properties are required besides insulation characteristics. It is used in the manufacture of cleats, buttons, rods, packing etc. where components undergo stresses of high tensile and high bending loads.
Type 2 material is recommended where high compression and high shear strength values are required, besides insulation characteristics.

  • Good electrical insulation.
  • Very good oil absorption.
  • Low specific weight.
  • Withstands high mechanical loading.
  • Low- and high-temperature resistance.
  • Resistance to abrasion and wear.

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