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Good tools are the starting point for successfully transforming ideas into reality. The days when all tools looked pretty much the same are long gone. Today, there is a huge variety of tools on the market. Making the right choice is not always easy. Top quality tools offer a high degree of technical sophistication. There are important details which differentiate these tools from low-price no-name products. 

The quality of the materials, the technology, the workmanship and the support provided by the manufacturer are the factors which determine whether the user is able to produce high-quality results after these tools have been in use for a long time. Sales figures for low-cost producers show that purchase decisions are often price-driven. Other factors such as product quality and safety are merely a secondary consideration in many cases.

If you make your purchasing decisions based on price alone, you will wind up paying more in the end. When you consider that the money you spend on tools is only a small percentage of your total cost but the tool has a decisive influence on the quality of the workpiece, a high-quality tool is obviously the right choice.

The Leitz full range covers virtually every application in the wood and furniture industry. Here, you will find an overview of the key areas of application for Leitz tools.

Wood construction

Panel industry

Furniture production

Components, flooring, panels, mouldings

Machining on hand feed machines Machining with portable machines Machining on non-wood based materials

The partnership between Lamtex Insulation & Leitz Tooling Systems India Pvt. Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary company of the world leader Leitz, Germany came into existence in November 1999 which is also the time when Leitz started its operations in the Indian Sub-Continent.

Lamtex Insulation has been a leading dealer & a strategic partner of Leitz providing precision cutting solutions to its various customers for over a decade.

All of the tools supplied by us are manufactured within the Leitz company group in order that we can continue to ensure high standards of quality and consultation. For more details on each tool, please click on the link below of the corresponding product group.

Sawing Panel Processing

Planing and Profiling

Multi-Purpose Cutting







Knives and Spare Parts



Lamtex Insulation can offer a broad, high-quality programming Carbide and Diamond-tipped Circular Saw blades for precise and efficient, solid wood and panel processing. 

The standard products comprise:

  1. Combinated sawblades
  2. Multi-purpose sawblades
  3. Panel sizing sawblades and scoring sawblades
  4. Vertical panel sawblades and scoring sawblades
  5. Chop Sawblades
  6. End-Trimming and Mitre Sawblades
  7. Portable Circular Sawblades

Panel Processing

Notwithstanding of conventional chipboard, MDF – or OSB board – modern Sheet-like Wood- derived products base on the raw material of wood and are finished corresponding to their required characteristics. Their production and processing requires Cutting Tools especially fitted to the requirements of the industry. We can offer a comprehensive tool selection for Ttrimming and Cutting, for Machining Edges, for producing honeycomb boards or for postforming. 

The standard products comprise: 

  1. Tools for edge processing
  2. Edge finishing tools
  3. Compact- and folding hoggers-DP
  4. Hoggers and segmental hoggers 
  5. Tools for processing honeycombs and other light-construction material
  6. Postforming Tools
  7. Segmental hoggers for manufacturing units
  8. Trim and scoring sawblades

Planing and Profiling

Leitz long cutterheads and planerheads guarantee perfect surface quality at maximum efficiency. The range of profile tooling for cutting tongue- and groove profiles on Wall-, Ceiling- or floor Panels as well as for Cutting maximum compact Finger jointing profiles offers excellent solutions for all application areas.

The standard products comprise: 

  1. Surface planing and thicknessing tools
  2. Planerheads for pre- finish planing or for combination for planing and profiling on four-sided moulders
  3. Planerheads for high performance moulders
  4. Cutting tools for tongue and groove joints
  5. Cutterheads for multi-purpose profiling
  6. High-performance minifinger cutters
  7. Pre-scorers and hoggers for pre-scoring and sizing minifinger joints

Multi-Purpose Cutting

We can offer you a wide range of tools with cutters made of Steel, Carbide and Diamond for the most widely available machines for Grooving, Jointing, Rebating and Profiling. In particular the Leitz profiling Tooling systems set the standard for economy, Processing quality, set-up time minimization and safety for every quantity to be processed.

The standard products comprise: 

  1. Grovving Cutters
  2. Bevelling- and Rebating Tools
  3. Universal profile Cutterheads for Longitudial, Mitre and Glue Joints, Profiles, Multi-purpose Profiles, Panel Raising Profiles
  4. Tooling systems for manufacturing Furnitures, Doors and Windows
  5. Tooling systems on customers request
  6. Solid metal and Tipped Cutters
  7. Serrated Back Cutterheads

Innovative profiling tooling systems:

  1. ProFix cutterheads
  2. ProfilCut cutterheads
  3. VariForm cutterheads


Because of its flexibility and quality, the complete processing of workpieces in one set-up has attained increasing importance in the woodworking and furniture industry over the last 15 years. This is why this is currently the fastest-growing segment of the Leitz tooling programme. With true-running accuracy and balance quality as well as precision clamping systems, Leitz products are also setting the standard for economy, quality and quiet running at high spindle speeds as well.

The standard products comprise:

  1. Shank tools for sizing and grooving
  2. Tools for bevelling and rebating
  3. Multi-purpose profile routers for
    • Glue-Joint Connections
    • Interior Construction profiles also
    • universal profiles and for
    • portable routers 
  4. Tool systems with profiles on customers request
    • Sshank Cutters
    • VariForm shank cutterheads 
    • ProFix shank cutterheads 
    • ProfilCut cutterheads
    • Serrated Back Cutterhead Systems 


With over decades of experience in manufacturing drills, Lamtex Insulation can offer solutions for every drilling task. The entire spectrum of requirements is covered from the high-performance solid Carbide Dowel, through-hole, and Forstner Drills for highly productive visible drill holes and cost-effective standard Drilling for construction Drilling.

The standard products comprise:

  1. Dowel drills
  2. Through-hole drills
  3. Hinge boring bits
  4. Multi-purpose drills and deep hole drills
  5. Countersinks
  6. Stepped drills and plug cutters


The Leitz products also include this classic technology of the carpentry trade: tools in various designs for chain mortising machines and portable chain mortisers.

Our product range comprises:

  1. Mortise chains
  2. Guide bars
  3. Sprockets


Leitz joints – for nearly all Tool/ Spindle/ Motor combinations can be offered the suitable adaptors. Ranging from simple mechanic quick clamping systems over clever quick clamping systems to high-precision hydro- or shrinking adaptors, you will absolutely find the optimum solution for the respective application. 

The standard products comprise:

Adaptors for continuous machines:

  1. Reducing- and clamping sleeves
  2. Flanged sleeves
  3. Quick-clamping elements 
  4. Hydro-Duo clamping elements 
  5. Arbors for HSK 85 WS

Adaptors for stationary machines:

  1. Shrink fit chucks
  2. Precision collet chucks 
  3. Hydro clamping chucks 
  4. cutter arbors
  5. Drill adaptors, conventional clamping and in quick-change design

Processor-controlled high frequency generator for thermal clamping

Knives and spare parts

The quality and long performance time of Leitz tooling are legend. Nevertheless, from time to time the knives must be replaced and occasionally or after damage other wearing parts as well. Leitz guarantees the knives and spare parts supply for a minimum of 10 years after the product has been discontinued from series production.

The standard products comprise:

  1. Knives and blanks
    • Turnblades
    • Planing knives
    • Finger joint knives
    • Back-serrated blanks
    • Micro-serrated blanks and backing plates
    • Profile knives
    • Scoring knives
    • Grooving and profilíng knives
    • Edge rounding knives
    • Knives for portable planers
    • VariForm knives
  2. Spare and clamping parts
  3. Spacers
  4. Ball bearings and guide rings
  5. Keys and allen keys 
  6. Setting and mounting devices
  7. Jointing stones

As a full-range provider, we offer you a complete and extraordinarily broad product spectrum of standard tooling. But because wood and plastics processing is constantly advancing and our customers are confronted with new, previously unsolvable tasks every day, there are situations for which "standard" does not work and individual special solutions are required.

Lamtex Insulation with the backing of decades of experience from Leitz  is your competent partner for these situations as well. Every complex issue is a welcome challenge for us. With our experience, our know-how and commitment we are in a position to solve your tooling problems as well – quickly, economically and precisely according to your specifications.

Share your wishes and requirements with us per online request form, if possible – and very soon you will have the solution that will allow you to meet your objectives with certainty.

Even the best tool will go on giving the best performance only as long as it is professionally and regularly maintained. This means regrinding, servicing and returning it to the customers with minimum delay. Lamtex Insulation also provides the benefit to its customers of servicing their existing Leitz products by ensuring proper servicing of the tools and timely delivery of the same as per the customer’s requirement.

In the Leitz Service Centre tools are sharpened and serviced, and spare parts required are also kept for the benefit of the customer. Following are some of the activities undertaken at the Leitz service centre:

  1. Saw blades Re-sharpening, re-tipping and aligning of Saw blades of all varieties, Hoggers.
  2. Routers, Hinge Borers, Drills etc.
  3. Profile Cutters
  4. Planner Knives
  5. All Shank Tools
  6. Re-tipping and regrinding of tools
  7. Tools for service are picked up from & delivered to the customers by the quickest means and in the shortest span of time.

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